Thursday, 7 April 2011

Did I lose you Did you run away? So much time passed So many lonely days... It seems so unbelievable How all these weeks are gone And now there's nothing left But to hurt alone. The pain is real I can feel it crawling Trough my veins, Boiling in my blood. I feel it deep inside Hiding in the darkest corner In the deepest hole  Inside my broken heart. I'm standing here with a broken heart I try to fix it but it just falls apart . The hardest thing is watching you love her We were meant to be...what happened? It was suppose to be a happy ending but instead I’m standing here with a broken heart and wishing it would fix..

Have you ever had your heart broken?I have not just once but twice The feeling never fades away it hurts so much The pain I feel grows every minute I scream with rage This pain will never disappear those painful words I heard Killing me slowly But you don't care  You want me to die  Everything I wanted was destroyed and Will never return I’ve thought so much about you But you left my mind  You kill this evil soul and now I’m dead!!!!

Bored, tired so not into dis crap anymore. Need to escape, need to leave there was a time when things were easier and know its all hard. So don't want to wake up in the morning and go to school anymore its just hard and I don't want to deal with it. I need a way out, I need an escape soon or I'm afraid I mite die here in this lonely place by myself.

The path just keeps rolling ahead Alone I must keep trudging along  Who knows to what end, I know not Is there no way out of here? It's the pursuit of happiness they say But what is happiness I know not Just stabbing loneliness is all I have Is there no way out of here? I did enjoy the journey once  When she took my hand in hers Until I lost her in a storm Is there no way out of here? I hope to see her once again Find her graceful smile again
But all I see is dust and death Is there no way out of here? This road will never end But one day surely I must Till then the question will keep haunting Is there no way out of here?

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